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After World War II; rockets were able to reach space, where samples of the vacuum were able to be taken. The density of hydrogen in space, became known, one atom per cubic centimeter... >> Read More

Linkages Too

The speed of light being the highest speed in our universe was the basis of an article by Arthur C. Clarke. He was correcting a previous one, from experience with Radar wave guides, the wave guides which established at a higher ... >> Read More


When Paul Direc and his team worked through the energy / mass equations and got two solutions, with protons, electrons and neutrons. Then anti-protons, positrons and anti-neutrons, in effect two parallel universes... >> Read More

Dust Boat Comment

The continental European forests were severely stressed by the acid rain after WWl
from industrial pollution. A system of blowing rock dust over these forests was the
repair that was effective and continually used... >> Read More


The locality was predetermined by the wind and traffic, the inflatable bollards were in place and the two ships were side by side and roped together. The bridging piece was in place and the dogs and their handlers were the first aboard... >> Read More

Peg Leg Roads

The satellite overview of the complete area, then a low level night with stereoscopic
cameras to understand the terrain to be serviced. A study of all the geologic data that was available, along with on ground surveys and any local knowledge at a public forum. This became the start of the road system to open up to year round travel and full commercial opportunities.... >> Read More

Silage to Fuel

Crude oil is an old organic material as is silage, so we can grow fuel. >> Read more

Solar Furnace

A centre point mount for a parabolic dish is size limited, a multiple ram suspened dish will be bigger and more powerful. >> Read more

Electric Car Road

A traffic engineer named Starr proposed dedicated small car, raised road ways, for regular journeys, this adds electrification. >> Read more

Flying Boat

How big could a flying boat be if it only ever flew in "ground effect", with wings set forward, the reverse of high speed jet planes. >> Read more

Power Grid Storage

>> Read more

Electrostatic Desalination

Water vapour electrolysis may give a power storage and fuel source. >> Read more

Moonshine & Moonshine Two

Moon base possibilities.
>> Read more Moonshine
>> Read more Moonshine Two

Tropics Steam Power

Two square metres of copper plate and piping can heat two hundred and eighty litres or sixty gallons of water to boiling point in our temperate summer. What could eighty square metres of aluminium plate and piping heat in tropical areas. >> Read more

Power Island

A floating island just to mount wind generators. >> Read more

Electric S.T.O.L

Electric aeroplanes are now flying, this maybe a possible derivative. >> Read more

Plasma Generators

Vapourised lead to be a plasma electric generator. >> Read more

>> Read more
Power Tunnel

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Second Generation Science Buff

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About Nicola Tesla >> Read more

Possible! Probable?

Shortly after the establishment of South Australia, the black soil swamps along the River Murray had levees, channels and flood watering instituted Although a fraction of the previously proposed area, this generated huge wealth for the area of Murraylands. >> Read more


In hindsight all that was required for the system to work was a need. The heavy duty multiple rail line, the electric traction motors and the experience of launching air-craft from air-craft carriers. >> Read more


The Formula One cars of years past had no limit to the down force the designers could engineer onto their racers. An early example had a rear mounted impellor that acted as a vacuum pump, in conjunction with side skirts and front spoiler and in effect sucked the car onto the bitumen. >> Read more


As you read each idea you will realise that these are summary stories of the ideas rather than an explanation of the complete system and the science behind it. Including these would be too long and spoil the run of the story.

My favourite is 'Power Grid Storage' however I hope they are all of interest to you.

Kind regards, Jock