The Tesla Puzzle

A large area of shallow water, when a slight breeze strengthens into a strong wind, is an education  in fluid inter-action.

The South Australian Coorong is such a place, once a highly productive fish-netting
lagoon. A pair of us had set our nets in the previous evening,  with an on shore, southern,  sea breeze. Our nets were set near the sand dunes on the sea side of the lagoon. At the following dawn, we emptied them with a fair catch and a slight northerly breeze.

During the emptying and stowing of the nets in the fiberglass fishing boat, the north wind increased to gale force.  We were faced with one metre waves less than two metres apart.
A slow tense journey  back to the land side of the lagoon, left the big waves behind,
until in the now lee shore, we got to full speed over barely a ripple. Right next to the lee shore, the water surface was a mirror.
At the time I realized that the thirty minute period of wind increase, gave me a scarce natural phenomenon  to observe.
At the lee shore, dead calm, further out a slight 25mm ripple, close together and over by the sand dune shore, not two metres apart, waves a metre high. Even swimming would have been difficult.

Travelling  back in the boat next to the dunes we had three wave peaks under the boat at the same time. The ten tonnes of air pressure/weight per square metre on the
lagoon water, at most two metres deep gives high waves, very close together.
A strong wind on shallow water is dangerous, the water being shallow lulls your sense of any danger.
The interaction  of air onto water on that morning, showed no trace of the wind on the northern,  lee shore.  At least a hundred metres out the wind started to make very
small ripples, so that the first contact was almost at the molecular  level, or was in fact.
Then  as the ripples grew bigger the pressure of the air on the water started resonating, so  that as the air speed travelled   over the lagoon, the ripples became a chop, then small waves, until near the sand dune shore, we had dangerous high close together full size waves. A total shore to shore distance of about a kilometre.
In spite of vibrations traveling through water faster than air, the wave structure was all in the direction of the wind.  At the same time as the wind was interacting on the water, we had no loss of sound transmission through the air. An interesting phenomenon to observe. A show of force of an invisible fluid onto a visible f1uid.

The mist blown off the water is easily visible and when the waves break on the steep sand dune shore, the air mixing into the water is also visible. The boundary between the two fluids is not really visible, hence the nutritious gases in the water. All in all a rare display of the power of air in nature.

The northern area of South Australia is a mostly flat low-rain fall area. The solar irradiation can reach 1300 watts per square metre per hour. A square mile of area can produce over 3 million k.w. per hour. This huge amount of heat over thousands of square miles, with a high pressure weather system making a north wind, that heat feeds into the high pressure area and gives a hotter north wind and higher wind speeds.
This heated air feeds the high pressure area right over the Southern Ocean and also the River Murray Lakes and the Coorong lagoon on the way.

We learnt in high school the maximum speeds of water, air and light in the imperial scale. Now-days  60 mts per second is falling ice, ie hail stones, 335mts per second for the speed of sound, or the speed of air, as in a stock whip or a lightning strike.
The speed of light is 300,000 kilometres a second in space and 40 kilometres a second
slower at ground  level, due to Raleigh scattering. Slowing to zero as it penetrates deep water. The  relationship  of the speed of air and the speed of light, the air molecules are virtually stationary  to the passage of the photons.
Also in high school our science teacher told us of the possibility of a ghost particle, the
neutrino and the possibility  of smaller divisions  of the main particles into units called quarks. Now-days we are told the neutrino flux is a definite and can penetrate solid objects similarly  to light penetrating air.

To assume there may be a similar speed differential is probably heresy, but also explains a lot. So an atomic explosion is a total disruption  of the neutrino flux and the re-establishment is a relatively slow process.
What is this to do with a discredited  electrical  experimenter - the Serbian I American
Nikola Tesla ? According to his friend and biographer John J 0 Neil, Tesla always discounted  the theory of curved space. As a Serbian also Tesla either knew, the brilliant Serbian  physicist Meleva Meric or knew of her and her reputation.

Long before any space probes, Tesla predicted high energy electrons  in space. He was laughed at, decades later he was proven correct, even a bit low in his energy estimates. Tesla had evacuated glass spheres with a single lead, which put near an energy source, reacted and gave him an insight to radio frequencies.
The speed of light was well known during his time experimenting and with his wide circle of scientists and celebrities,  he may well have heard of the ghost particle, the neutrino. He much later admitted his first idea of atomic forces was naive, so his
nature would have compelled  him to excel and be the first to find the most spectacular use of atomic/nuclear forces.
He would have researched  into the theories, as he said Edison did not ever, into any theory.  Tesla led the world in high voltage, high frequency and high amperage experiments.
His three phase alternating current motors, transformers and generation  made the twentieth century possible.  His high vacuum research gave fluorescent lights, X-rays and the first vacuum tube, a radio valve, which gave us radio, television  and eventually radar, ( our modern  world).

Resonating electronic circuitry  was a Tesla demonstration at the Madison square gardens exhibition in 1898 of a radio controlled boat, which went forwards ,backwards and turned left and right and with a signalling light, pure magic at that time.
The gases and metal vapours he had investigated, with no associate really knowing the purpose of these experiments, is an insight into him. He made lightning in his laboratory and must have realized that the crack of the spark was the top speed air could reach.

The biography of Tesla  "The Prodigal Genius" by John J 0 Neil tells of a statement, prepared for the Institute of Immigrant Welfare by Tesla when his theory of gravity, was  explained this was on the 12 th of May 1938.
This statement was drawn from his memory of experiments made between 1893 and
1894 and was a dynamic theory of gravity.
The statement quoted "On my 79th  birthday l made a brief reference to it, but it's meaning and significance have become clearer to me since then.
He  applies rigorously to molecules and atoms as well as the largest heavenly bodies and
to all matter in the universe, in any phase of its existence, from its formation to its ultimate disintegration". End of quote.
This quote gives a description of the neutrino flux being the agent that causes all particles to bind together. Tesla had from 1935 to 1938 to clarify his vision of his gravity theory. He may have spent the previous twenty years studying available knowledge.  He then went on to build in his mind, as he always did, a mechanism to concentrate and direct this force of nature. He had an eidetic memory and the ability to visualize a mechanism.

The power of stars to convert the simple hydrogen atom by pressure and heat into heavier atoms, all with different abilities, is now common knowledge.
Paul Dirac and his associates in 1928 went over the original Einstein equations and solved them twice. One as a positive universe and second also as a negative universe. This was the birth of the multiverse and Tesla must have known of this. He may also have known of Anthony/Paul Rosen who advanced the theory of worm holes.
Matter leaving our universe and re-appearing in a different part of our universe, almost instantaneously.
Just the capture of an electron by a proton is still an unknown, yet our sun with the solar wind ejects both protons and electrons with huge energies against solar gravity to areas beyond the orbit of earth perhaps to the helio-pause, again an unknown.

The finding of neutron stars by Jocelyn Bell is a huge insight into Atomic/nuclear structures and their dispersal through-out space. The investigation of neutrinos in deep mines and the knowledge of the way that solid matter is no barrier to their travel.
Some scientists have said our human body is continuously in a neutrino flow or flux. The possibility of this neutrino flux having a wave variation and thus information imbedded is an intriguing thought.

As gravity can crush atoms down to just neutrons as Jocelyn Bell found, eventually the crush of gravity exceeds all the forces of atoms and breaks them into quarks or quantum foam and they leave our universe. What happens then is conjecture. The gravity star is called a "black hole" as the field is so strong not even photons can leave this field centre.
Astronomers  have collected data which shows that stars coalesce from dust/gas clouds in space. The smallest stars which are big enough to commence fusion reactions seem to be the longest lived.
The bigger the star is at the start of it's life cycle, the hotter is the fusion reaction and the shorter its life, then becoming a neutron star or a black- hole at the cataclysm which is a star death.  The point being that the more mass that is available then the stronger the gravity field is, if a particle is involved this is a starting position. A link between a gravity particle and matter.
High pressure is a consequence of a big mass and Tesla had experimented with water at 5,000 pounds per square inch, nobody knew why.
Tesla claimed that he could direct information and power between worlds, if this was so and he Jell some papers on it, the American government illegally obtained them at his death.

The three phase power system that Tesla created, proved and set up, was all visualized in his head, the building and setting up were just a formality, once he saw it in his mind's eye. His statement that he could encode and direct both information and power should not be dismissed as bravado. He under stood some metals were electrical conductors, other metals were concentrators of magnetic flux, soft metals with a low melting point could be a vapour in a vacuum and give different frequencies and wave lengths of photons.

The variation of gravity strength depending on the mass of a star, the fact that matter particles are ejected from the sun, at huge velocities in spite of an enormous gravity strength are starting points.

The South Australians, father and son Bragg with their Noble prize for X-ray crystallography, must have been known to Tesla.  Molten iron in a pouring crucible, as a joke, can be emptied by the workers throwing their needed salt tablets into the pot. Perhaps an iron/ sodium chloride inter-action. Some type of resonating magnetic field. After Tesla had sold his three phase electric power system to his friend Westinghouse, later foregoing royalties, Tesla started investigating the properties of all of the elements he could obtain.
A party trick was to bend evacuated glass tubing, with trace neon gas and apply a small current to the tube ends, giving a glowing tube of red/orange light. A neon sign, the first! Later copied.  Tesla used the evacuated tubes with various low melting point elements with heating elements at each end to vapourise and electrify these substances and find their properties.

He found the chemicals which would give visible light from an evacuated tube producing just ultra-violet light, a fluorescent light. The first. He produced such strong X-rays power he was able to photograph a human head at forty feet. How he knew he had X-rays is conjecture, but he called it Black light.
One of his experiments gave a result which took him decades to decipher, but it was enough for him to say curved space was wrong. Therefore his last idea of a space power beam is something to believe is possible.
Any modern engine needing a spark uses a Tesla high-tension  transformer and at the
highest voltages the Tesla pancake coil powers a Taser. Operating at a frequency that precludes a magnetic core. The other huge magnetic fields he created in Colorado to Achieve lightning and which led to his discovery, through his instrumentation of big electric currents in the earth's  crust under a thunder storm.

His pancake coil is reminiscent of the shape of a cosmic galaxy with a centre and spirals. Most of earth's snails also have an opening spiral structure, to a rigid mathematical plan. A vine with tendrils always coils the same way around something to climb up and be supported. The curved spiral is part of nature right down to the dna in living cells, a double helix. A guess is that Tesla visualized a tube with a multiple helix of small strong electro-magnets surrounding a tube with a naturally magnetic core material Then sequenced the powering of the helix magnets from the bottom to
the top and set up a high frequency magnetic pulse to energise a neutrino flux and send information or power through space.
He was able to resonate electrons with a balanced inductance/capacitance  sending the resonant pulse through a quarter wave spike aerial to become a specific radio wave,
capturing  the pulse with another quarter wave spike aerial to operate his electric powered  boat at the Square Garden. The first in the world. He  understood  radio­ frequency  wave structure, the use of a ground plane or aerial base reflector. Even a radio wave powered fluorescent light to be placed where ever needed in his laboratory.

A find of an element reacting to a smaller, faster particle would be an irresistible challenge. A ground plane of this material to a central concentrating tube to be directed in a similar  way to our common satellite dishes.
A laser is a resonance of photons under specific conditions, originally a scientific curiosity,  now an integral part of our modern world. A resonance of neutrinos may be our next scientific curiosity to be developed for our society.