Carbon dioxide in a sealed vertical vessel, irradiated with intense ultra-violet light could have the carbon and oxgen bonds sundered, allowing carbon dust to fall down and oxygen gas to rise. This process would produce two saleable commodities.


When the power supply of South Australia was overseen by a parliament public coverage of a state trust, a new power station at Pt Augusta was commissioned with a huge chimney which scattered dust to the four winds.

After a period of denial and obfuscation a dust collector was installed. An electro-static system which collected the nuisance dust, which was then back-loaded on the Leigh Creek coal train to be disposed of.

Someone at Leigh Creek recognized this dust was similar to volcanic fly-ash, the original Roman cement. Some Roman concrete roads are still existent in Europe. The dust was made into roads in the Leigh Creek coal precinct with massive coal trucks barely distributing the road belt.

The pollution of burning coal spreading through areas of Asia, with no dust collection, allowing the fly-ash to cover metal roofs, glass windows, food gardens and eventually lodge in storm drain piping, when wet to corrode everything.

Volcanic fly-ash when added to Portland cement is renamed Pazzalonic Cement and is the easiest to work with and use when plastering, also more expensive.

Portland cement needs quick-lime obtained by heating calcium carbonate to drive off the carbon dioxide. This process is one of the major producers of global warming.

Mammals, humans take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide in moisture. Our blood salt level is the same as sea-water, this allows the absorption of the carbon dioxide to be expelled as carbonic acid. This acidic vapour is the accelerant that ages domestic interiors.

This linkage of carbon dioxide and sea water could be engineered to collect loose carbon dioxide gas. A cement factory with a sea water spray either natural or fabricated to absorb the carbon doxide and pumped to a tank. A low pressure in the tank to allow the gas to boil out, the water being recycled and the gas being broken apart to be sold separately. This previous is easily put forward, but to be set up is the essence of engineering.