Dust Boat Comment

The continental European forests were severely stressed by the acid rain after WWl from industrial pollution. A system of blowing rock dust over these forests was the repair that was effective and continually used.

The alkalinity of the chosen crushed rock was the needed antidote. The sulphur and chlorine bases of the pollutants gave an acid oxide, which was carried by weather patterns to the affected forest areas.
A natural system of rock dust dispersal, is the Saharan dust storms that can be carried from North Africa out over the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes petering out at the Caribbean Sea.

Late in the twentieth century the extent and diversity of surface sea dwelling Phyto-Plankton was studied, documented and appreciated.
Fertilising the soil around farmed or. gardened plants has been accepted for thousands of years by the human race. The basis of human population growth is the continual improvement in plant growth.

An extension of the idea of boosting plant growth is the possibility of using a chosen rock dust and dispersal method, to assist the growth of surface living algae and phyto-plankton.