An academic study is based on written material from various sources, as an overview of information, with the aim of finding an insight that may be of use.

There were two men born in the eighteenth century who by their work, enlightened and changed the way the people of the world, worked and lived.

One had the media laud him to the heights, the other was almost written out of history.

The first, according to the National Geographic met a brilliant Serbian girl at High school, who was a top science student. The parents of the girl from Serbia, had encouraged her in her study of science.

Meleva Meric went to university in Germany and studied with the giants of that century. When she returned to her boyfriend she became pregnant, with the baby girl going back to her Serbian family, to be lost to recorded history.

The marriage of this couple lasted a few years, with the husband rejecting her and his then two children. The rejection was so personal and complete that the baby boy was never a balanced person.

Meleva Meric was a photographer; which meant, in those times, making her own light sensitive chemical, mixing it with separated egg white, painting it onto a glass plate and then exposing it to a scene or object.

The exposed plate then had to be processed to fix the chemical structure and if everything was correct, an exact replica of a scene, children or an object was recorded.

The emphasis on this photography is because for a picture to be visible, light has changed a physical chemical, or energy has altered a molecular structure. To be blunt, the energy is part of the physical world in which we live, or if you like, related.

After the husband left the family to marry a cousin, with a life of romantic freedom in front of him, we heard no more of Meleva Meric until late in her life, she gave her only media interview. The interview was with a woman journalist, who later said that Meleva only wanted to show her photographs. The possibility is, that with a science back-ground, the journalist may have had the key to talk in depth about the scientific life of Meleva Meric and her probable contribution to the theory of Relativity.

The second man to change our civilisation was also a Serbian. In his own country he has a museum dedicated to him and is his countries’ rightful hero. There is one biography of Nikola Tesla, fortunately by a science writer. You either believe or not this recorded history of Tesla, the media chooses not to. The internet has changed a lot of peoples’ knowledge of Tesla and at least the record of Patents in his name, I consider the truth of the man.

The vision of Tesla to combine three electric fields to give firstly a powerful electric motor. Second to use two coils of wire per phase to change voltage and amperage, made our twentieth century industry possible.

The 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, the Columbian Exposition, the four hundred year anniversary of the discovery of America, used Tesla’s Alternating Current lighting for the inside lighting at day-time as well as the outside lighting at night. The polyphase alternating system linked hydro-electric power generators at Niagara to the city of Buffalo. In 1896 NewYork city was linked to the Niagara grid.

This was the culmination of a possibility Tesla envisaged as an eleven year old boy. Tesla was fluent in Serbo-Croat, German, French, Italian and also the English language.

The balancing of electric coil induction with capacitance to make resonant circuits also made radio a fact of life. The radio controlled motor boat, electric powered, on an artificial pond at the 1898 New York show was pure magic to the public and his contemporaries. This was a “tour de force“ for Tesla and makes him the stand out contributor for our era.

The 1890 invention of an electronic tube, the forerunner of “radio valves” was patented on 2-9-1897, Nos 645,576 and 649,621. These are a total description of radio broadcasting as it was then in 1944, the date of the biography and all Tesla patents. The quarter-wave stick aerial on every vehicle is the result of Tesla and his experiments. In 1892 Tesla gave lectures on his evacuated glass lamps, the original fluorescent lights. He had experimented with phosphorescent and fluorescent substances with various high frequency alternating current at varying high voltages. How he determined which substance or chemical to use is unknown. In 1895 on March 13th the building housing the Tesla laboratory was totally burnt out and all records, equipment and experiments were lost. Tesla suspected sabotage.

Some time in the early eighteen nineties, with the way Tesla worked, having many experiments at the same time being prepared, run and then recorded in his photograph,eidetic memory, he saw or measured something that had a profound effect on him. He was always sanguine about marketing his inventions, but he was then dismissive of anything, hinting that he had a world changing technology as his “ace in the hole.”

The biography of Tesla by the Pulitzer Prize winning author John J O’Neil was his only biography, because Tesla was his friend and confidant. O’Neil wrote it after Tesla had died in 1943 and gives us the definitive picture of a true genius, some one who could define the future.

A lecture by Tesla, written into the book, has Tesla talking about the new power he had discovered and mentions the “ether of space” and how it powers the universe. He was an older man at this time and although his generation revered him, he had to deal with a younger generation of people.

In the late nineteen twenties a Paul Dirac, a scientist reworked the Relativity Equations and came up with not one, but two answers.

This was an epoch, changing science forever. He had proved a positive universe but also a mirror image, negative universe as well. He was awarded a Nobel prize almost immediately. A few years later a Paul/Nathan Rosen showed a transfer of energy from one part of the positive universe to another part of the positive universe, he called a worm hole.

This was the genesis of the multiverse.

Getting back to the Tesla lecture, he stated that although checking through the literature of six languages he did not find any reference to his new found discovery. Scientists had tried to find the “ether of space” while measuring the speed of light and proved it did not exist. The measuring of the light speed at various up to a right angle 90* showed no difference, therefore the “ether of space” did not exist.

In the knowledge of today with the measuring of the neutrino flux and the ability of the flux to pass through the earth, like X-rays do to organic matter, a new study is possible. A re-think of what Tesla was referring to may be possible.

Every new technology Tesla revealed, he had a battle to get the possibility believed. He had the ability to picture everything he wanted to in three dimensions, a skill recently relegated to computer screens.

Perhaps the neutrino flux in combination with a proton causes the electron to orbit the nucleas and with the development of a neutron, a combination of proton and electron we get a different field, the bonding of the two, instead of a gravity field a short range field, influencing electrons nearby, perhaps magnetism.

Tesla proved his knowledge of wave theory by using the quarter wave antenna as the solution for his radio patents. Every one of his developed ideas was a success and a boon to the world, even his idea of vibrations to “see” down to mineral deposits.

One answer is to take the anology of air and water, the ten tonnes of air on every square metre at sea level and the speeds of air and water. Water rarely exceeding thirty metres a second, air at three hundred metres a second and light at three hundred thousand, thousand, thousand metres a second. The light on the ground and water heats the air, makes a wind in the air and although a low density moves thee water, the waves on the sea then change the ground at the shore.

The light can travel through air almost without impedance because the speed is so much faster. If the neutrino was so much faster than light, solid matter becomes like air, no real resistance.

A recent experiment with cesium vapour and laser light showed an interaction. Perhaps one of the Tesla experiments used cesium and what he saw or measured triggered his last discovery. Some one so adept at magnetic fields, It was Tesla who said that the sun produced particles with vast voltages and cosmic particles or rays and he proved it. If anyone could have developed a technology to change the “ether of space“ I would bet on Tesla.

In 1889 Tesla constructed a spherical glass globe with a single wire to a button in the centre. Rarified air and a high, rapidly alternating voltage caused the button to become super heated and incandescent. Everything could be vaporized including zirconia, carborunum would last the longest.

This series of experiments by Tesla of a miniature sun gave Tesla another experiment, to measure the energy of particles given off by our real sun.

At the Madison Square Garden Exhibition, when Tesla showed his radio controlled, electric boat, the technology was so far ahead of every one else, it was considered magic.

The year was 1898 and Tesla demonstrated a completely developed technology And because he used several differing frequencies, to operate the different modes of his boat, the air in the building was very highly ionized, his term.

Tesla’s Words “ just to give an idea I found that a bulb 12 inches (o.3m) in diameter, highly exhausted, and with a single terminal to which a short wire was attached, would deliver well on to one thousand successive flashes before all charge of the air in the laboratory was neutralized.”

He talks here of a glass globe with high vacuum collecting electricity from the air of his laboratory, when he was developing the separate frequencies needed for the various control functions of his boat.

Forward, reverse, left, right and including flashing globes on the deck, a complete radio control system common at the end of the twentieth century!

The larger glass globe with a single wire proved to be very sensitive to any electrical stimulation. The possibility is that with a very specific sensitive aerial, Tesla was able to show a cosmic particle interaction and so measure the input voltage of a solar particle. This was so far into the future nobody understood or believed his message.

While investigating the black light and special radiation Tesla had pictures taken on plates in metal containers, shadow-graph pictures. This was with fluorescent lights and heavy spark discharges. Tesla could generate X-rays that could show a skull at forty feet (13metres). The huge amount of X-rays being captured onto photo-plates may? Have shown a photon/neutrino interaction.

To capture a neutrino requires a huge number of underground receptors, but an X-ray interaction may be that which gave Tesla his last unknown invention. His very high frequency alternating current experiments made iron useless in his coils, it just ceased to work. An evacuated glass tube with a copper tube outside, under very high frequency alternating current, the copper would cease to carry any electrical current, the electricity would all be in the evacuated glass tube.

The number of experiments that Tesla did, he had a very broad understanding of most of normal electrical phenomena that we live with today. In his time he was the undisputed leader.

At the start of the twentieth century Tesla did not believe in the atomic theory then being developed, by the end of the nineteen twenties, according to John J O’Neil Tesla had relented. This lag may have been the cause of his loss of esteem in the public eye. Also his radio system he tried to build apparently was under financed and so failed. This although a set back did not deter Tesla and he continued his mental studies. To then say he had a completely new source of power, nobody took him seriously, but his cosmic ray measurement was proven correct decades later.

These pointers give weight to his claim of being able to influence “the ether of space”, whether he saw a photon/neutrino interaction or maybe a cesium shadow on the glass slides, he had some way of projecting a beam of the “ether” to send information and/or power between planets.

As a single individual Tesla had used voltages that are beyond todays abilities, up to a hundred million volts, even artificial lightning. The common Tasers are the pancake coils developed a hundred years ago by Tesla, so to write his claim off, never to investigate the possibility of his beam, would be short sighted.