After World War II; rockets were able to reach space, where samples of the vacuum were able to be taken. The density of hydrogen in space, became known, one atom per cubic centimeter.

Scientists could share ideas and information informally by using pen names to write Sci-Fi stories, Science-Fiction.
One of the most prolific and imaginative authors was Robert A Heinlein, an invalided U.S. navy admiral.

He wrote a science fiction novel, having a space ship with a power plant that collected the few hydrogen atoms in space, compressed them to fusion and provided thrust and the energy to warm the ship. The collection needed a high space speed and a storage to restart the system.

This story was copy written in 1953 before Laser energy was the technological tool is has become.
The Torus Magnetic bottle, originally a Russian idea, now developed internationally, for Hydrogen Fusion research. Super strength lasers heat hydrogen gas to fusion temperatures, in a metal chamber with super-cooled magnets to contain the resultant plasma.

The Torus Fusion system takes an incredible high temperature of hydrogen plasma, to fuse helium and release a bonus heat energy as an earth saving energy source.
The natural Hydrogen plasma reaction is in a star in an immense gravity field.

The joining of the Torus fusion chamber and the space ram jet may be an extension of the possible.

The biggest plane in the world in 1943 was a Junkers JU - 390, twice the size of America's Boeing B 29, four engine bomber.

There were eleven built using six BMW radial engines of 1500 horse power each, flying at 22,000 feet or flight level 22.
The Ju-290 fully fueled had a range of 18,000 miles, whether statute or air miles is not shown.

A reconnaissance of North America started at first light, from Norway on August 27th 1943, late summer, with two complete crews aboard, cameras to record the terrain, flying West over the Atlantic ocean.
After nine hours they had crossed the Canadian shore, then flew over Canada and the Great Lakes to Lake Michigan.

An over-flight of Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh was an easy trip. At noon, local time, they flew over New York city and Port, heading back into the Atlantic Ocean. The American forces with out any ability to interfere, could do nothing.

This aircraft and capability was such a shock to the American war machine, that the poeple in charge put a top secret rating on this, that stayed, till an aircraft magazine published the story in late 1965. Twenty two years after the event, the public were not to know of their vulnerability.
The Co-pilot that landed the huge aeroplane was ANNA KREISLING; at an air force base in France, of the Luftwaffe at 2-00am. A flight of nearly 24 hours. Anna Kreisling was the test pilot for the Horten V 9 flying wing, also a jet fighter and she was a famous asset of the Luftwaffe.

In 1898 Nikola Telsa operated a radio-controlled boat at the Chicago Exposition, the whole audience considered it to be magic, even with the reputation that Tesla had.

After experiencing with high frequency, high voltage electricity with single diodes in glass spheres, his opinion was the Sun emitted high voltage particles into space, as far as the earth and even further. Telsa was totally discredited by the dogmatists as an aberration, but decades later, space probes showed he was correct and had under estimated the space voltages by huge factors.

Near the end of Tesla's life, he had followed through on some much earlier research and made public his considered opinion. That it was possible to send information and power between worlds. He was again discredited and put in the mad scientist category. Decades later research has uncovered the neutrino flux and the possibilities that could follow. Tesla proved correct again!

A good friend of Tesla was Samuel Langthorne Clements "Mark Twain" who spent a lot of time in his first laboratory and admired the system that Tesla had invented and developed. Alternating current, large scale hydro-electric power stations, A.C transformers and resonating circuits making radio possible including radio control and radio world wide. His work with radio power supply is still used and his fluorescent tubes with various elements inside is still used today.

Mark Twain had lost family members, but he had also known of the destruction of Tesla's first laboratory. Twain's last book was a study in despair. Whether his friend Tesla's loss was a factor is conjecture, but they are good friends.

The chorus of a rock song is a repeat of perhaps a Polonesian work "Oumuamua" and has been given by the astronomical people to an object that traversed the Solar system. This astertoid object was not from the solar system and was deemed to be interstellar, so came from another star group.

The flat disk of the solar system had this interstellar object come from above the ecliptic of the disk and exit below the disk. Study of the object by space telescopes made it 800 metres long by 80 metres in diameter. This reminds us of the "Rendevous with Rama" by Arthur C. Clarke. A story of an alien habitat that visited the Solar system and left, totally indifferent to any life forms nearby.

The radar units in use during World War II and ever since, including the radar keeping track of our crowded orbiting satellites and space junk, also go into space.
The possibility is that an object travelling from the top to the bottom of the Solar equator (ecliptic) could sample and recrd radio, television, speech - most languages, operating frequencies of any and all electronic equipment.

Starting with the nothern hemisphere and recording into the southern hemisphere. Also to check on the possibility of any neutrino manipulation, showing a very forward scientific civilization with space flight ambitions.

An unmanned recording Drone to return to base disguised with rock and ice. A passive Ear instead of the Junkers seeing American industrial capability 76 years ago.