Class Room

Your first story is Mr Murphy of New York by Thomas Mc Morrow of Curtis Publishing Company (pan Books) from the 100 years of Saturday Evening Post, a famous American popular magazine.

The second story is " Noise Level " by Raymond F Jones 1952

The third story is " Mother of Invention" BY Tom Godwin in 1953

Extra reading is "The unpleasant Profession of Johnathan Hoag" also "Childhood's End" by A.C.Clarke.

All these stories are a means to loosen up your mental muscles and use your imagination to construct any theory for what ever interests you.

We have set up a white board for you to put a note on, place your name and date of writing underneath. Reading through may trigger thoughts also remember the board will be monitored. Some points for your consideration, Mr Murphy of N.York has a mobile phone with a video link, this from 1930. Noise Level has a 1950 level of technology at a think tank inventing Anti-gravity. Mother of Invention points out that the carbon atom, organic chemistry, has many facets.

The white board will be available for a period of twelve weeks so you all can reflect and consider what ever you will write.

As deep as can be drilled down into the earth, bacteria is found.
B.Jones 2-2-09

When I dream I see and hear so do have a video player brain.
A. Astenson 3-2-09

There is more life under the ground than above it, mostly not understood.
B. Jones 5-2-09

Don Camillo said every man's conscience is God's voice.
E Smythe 3-2-09

Is the neutrino flux as unknown as C60 Bucky Balls.
T Gardener 8-2-09

Does the neutrino flux carry messages like photons.
L.Hochner 5-2-09

Can the nano brains of germs get information from this flux?
A Elderton 9-2-09

Are insects able to tap into the neutrino flux?
B.Hienrich 6-2-09

Staring at the back of a person's head alerts them to your presence,how.
A Astonsen 9-2-09

In 1896 at the Chicago Expo N. Tesla had a radio controlled boat on a pond.
K Dunlop 6-2-09

Agreed! Are we sending simply by staring, are we a power circuit.
E. Smythe 11-2-09

We cannot find the data in dolphin noise, so to find data from neutrinos.
J. Vicini 10-2-09

Bucky balls/C60 is even made in burning candles, a low temp forest burn is making C60. A crucial part of forest growth! Unknown.
B. Light 11-2-09

If humans are the earth's stewards, then we are too ignorant.
L.Park 11-2-09

Sea water is just not sodium chloride! Every element including gases are dissolved in seawater! How small an amount will have it all.
E. Edwards 12-2-09

Insects have an earlier sense of the weather than us! How?
H. Brooke 12-2-09

Is sea water an indicator of the multiverse as we have different ptoton/electron combinations all together but apart.
C. Richter 14-2-09.

If elements can stay separate in sea water why not Quanta combinations in a multi-verse, simply non-combining entities in various separate field flucuations
Chang Ho 16-2-09

Does sea water weight and movement affect tectonic plates.
W. Schantz 14-2-09

Deep ocean trenches do seem to be self maintaining, may be the moving weight becomes a pulse.
P. Sekovia 15-2-09

Pastoral nomads proposed a single deity, modern man may have a God linking dark matter particle.
B Napier-Lure P. Rosen 15-2-09

If the neutrino flux is super-photic and causes bonding,what then?
A. Painter 20-2-09.

The Higgs is supposed to be the God particle, so is it dark matter or neutrino flux variations.
A Suranim 18-2-09.

Light pressure in space does cause movement. Our earth is a realistic perpetual motion space ship.
R. Royans 19-2-09

Is the neutrino the common particle across quanta field fluctuations.
Chang Ho 15-2-09

If a tree lifts multi-kilos of nutrients a day is it an anti-gravity machine.
G. Valesques 25-2-09

Is a bucky ball a cage for a mineral and what are the properties of this union.
Z. Connaught 20-2-09

Does the Cambrian layer become the power lift of the tree.
Ho Wang 26-2-09

Light/heat energy cascades to air, water and land movement, why not a prior cascade.
A. Painter 27-2-09

The " Invention" story mentions hyperspace. A multiverse makes this a smaller part of the total integrated systems.
C. Chanderpall 26-2-09

A Mineralised C/60 may be part of the lift of a tree.
Z. Connaught 27-2-09

If a neutron is the bond of proton and electron, why not Star-trek's anti-neutron
A. Astenson 28-2-09

We have positrons are we not half way there?
P. Sekovia 28-2-09

Jocelyn Bell"s neutron stars have incredible rotational speed does this mean increased bonding flux?
P. Rosen 28-2-09

I read that our universe is like a cloud in the sky,a small part of the universe.
A. Pangianis 28-2-09

Is a gravity star similar to a lightning strike but on a longer time frame.
K. Wyana 1-3-09

Is a black hole an exit for super-photic particles,if so is it a balancing flow.
T.Monahan 2-3-09

Can the anti-matter particles centre on the atom neucleas and still be separate.
L, Park Lee 2-3-09

High electro-magnetic energy gives negative particles, from another energy field or ours.
K. Androssen 2-3-09

"Noise Level asks, is our brain a gate to the multiverse or an observer of our universe.
C. Chanderpall 1-3-09