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The speed of light being the highest speed in our universe was the basis of an article by Arthur C. Clarke. He was correcting a previous one, from experience with Radar wave guides, the wave guides which established at a higher speed than light.

How he measured the speeds first of the wave guides, then of the speed of light, was not included in the article. His reputation for honesty was sufficient.

The first book of Bill Napier-Nemesis was called the most exciting book I have ever read by Arthur C. Clarke. Nemesis is the goddress of righteous anger.
Early in the story the main character, an astronomer is praised for his work on a revised Steady State theory. Later in the story his theory is based on the nucleus of the galaxy, a huge gravity star or black-hole.

The latest Cosmos magazine has an article on Quantum biology, which shows how photons are harvested by leaves which send an electron to a collection point for chemical storage. Radar needs wave guides to function and leaves have something similar giving an efficiency of 100%. Also a world renowned astronomer considers a black-hole is the balance mechanism for a galaxy and the universe.

The consideration of the total electro-magnetic spectrum is blasted into space from our sun, why not a similar spectrum of much faster energy from a black-hole. We are now, like Newton, on the shore of an ocean of knowledge, needing a mechanism to show us.

To bring up the name of Nikola Tesla may seem trite, but early in his experiments he found something which he considered more important than any of his electronic developments. This was to his detriment.
His original Polyphase system with hydro-electric generation he established in his mind decades before he was to change America with a power system that also changed the world.

At the end of his life he promised system to send information and power between worlds. He was not believed, in spite of being correct in all his prediction.
The spectrum of light and elctro-magnetism is best seen with an oscilloscope, a cathode ray tube, which was developed into domestic television by Logie Biard.
The theory of gravity of Einstein was always refuted by Tesla, as was the solar system type of atomic structure, this he later granted. Tesla's early experiments were glass tubes evacuated and made into now called fluorescent lights.
He tried as many gases and low melting point elements as possible and one gave him a reference which took decades to understand and consider using. At that time he was being written off and out of main stream American thought.

If Tesla uncovered a mechanism to show the neutrino flux this would be the oscilloscope of a total re think of how the universe is.

The original Australians have the Dreamtime but whether this is a valid translation or a way of stopping curiosity, who knows but the oldest continuous civilisation also had the returning boomerang. Capatin Cook swapped a tomahawk for one to go back to England. This study in aeronatics was a revelation to Europe, also a genesis. This last is pure speculation connecting the "Dreamtime" to the neutrino flux.

Isaac Newton used a prism of glass to show that white sun light contains seven colours, the same as a rainbow. I do not know who shaped the glass prism, or how Isaac Newton obtained it and why the maker did not see the spread of the spectrum of colours.

Newton said later that all of his scientific advances, he was collecting sea shells on the shor of an ocean of knowledge. Restricting to the colours of light, he was seeing a tiny part of the total part of the elctro-magnetic wave structure. Our modern world uses the very top of the radio-active wave length, down to the ELF for submarine communication, Extra Low Frequency.

We have Amplitude Modulation for over the horizon contact, Frequency Modulation for static free transmission and receiving. We have over the horizon radar for surveillance of oceans adjacent to our shores.
We have ground penetrating radar and mineral detectors to find minerals in the ground. We have radar for aircraft location, we have intense light beams, lasers, for all sorts of industrial and commercial processes.

The ocean of knowledge that Newton envisaged is part and parcel of modern life as far as photon waves are concerned. The digitizing of data and the transmission of that data through fibre - optic fibre at the frequency and speed of light is the centre of information sharing world wide.