When Paul Direc and his team worked through the energy / mass equations and got two solutions, with protons, electrons and neutrons. Then anti-protons, positrons and anti-neutrons, in effect two parallel universes, this altered perceptions.

A Paul Rosen following this new perception suggested that between the two universes there had to be a pathway of energy, a worm-hole. Whether his name is Nathan Rosen or Nathan Paul, I do not know.

The Nemesis book of Bill Napier with the idea of the Black hole being part of nature, the centre of a galaxy is feeding into the rest of the system. The neutrinos collect in the centre and are fed out to the stars via worm holes to regulate the universe.

As the stars visible send out all of the electro-magnetic spectrum, so they could be sending out a total spectrum of Neutrino flux.
Quoting the Cosmos article Neils Bohr once said - "anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it".
The Rosen-Podolsky-Einstein papers are seen as proved.
The copyright of Nemesis is in the late ninties of the last century a long time ago.
A science letter asked if a pair of compressed air hoses were aimed across a still water pond, would the wave system that happened could it be the same as the two slit photon / neutrino interaction.
This inverts the two slit question into a proof of a two particle link, the same as two fluids react.